Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Mission

I have enjoyed photography for many years. For me, photography is about capturing a moment and trying to convey through the lens what it that compelled me to take the picture. Although photography is currently a hobby for me, it is one of the main focuses of my life.

My intention for this blog is to keep a record of the things I learn about photography as I learn them.
I spend much of my time taking photos of my family (mostly my kids).  Kids constantly present new challenges as does photography.  Combine the two and there is always something new to learn and share.

Photography is all about light and although for years I stayed strictly with natural available light, lately I have been experimenting more and more with using speedlights to light the scenes.  Mostly I am just having lots of fun taking pictures and trying new approaches to improve my pictures.

I hope to be able to share photos here and some details on how I took each one.
This is partly to share with those that are interested and partly so that in the future I will remember my thought process on taking the picture and what I learned from it.

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