Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gear Isn't As Mobile As Kids

Little R had been nicely sitting on the couch and I had everything set up right where I wanted it for the shot I was going for.  The speedlight with softbox attached was mounted on the tripod aimed to light her face by partially aiming it at her and partially bouncing it off the couch cushion.  My wife was holding the reflecter off to the side to bounce a little of that light back onto the other side of her face.  

I was sitting on the couch in front of her.  Shot all lined up and ready to go and.... Little R got cranky.  She wanted her mommy.  Not that I blame her of course but another 10 seconds and I would have had a least a few shots captured.

Now of course the moment she is in her mother's arms, she is quite content.  No telling how long that fleeting peaceful moment will last but I was willing to bet that it wouldn't last long enough for me to move all the gear which was now aimed directly at me instead of her to a more suitable angle.

Now being as stubborn as I am (and I think most photographers must be to a certain extent), I wasn't about to give up on the picture entirely.  Time to adjust quickly on the fly.

I grabbed the silver reflector and put it between me and the speedlight that was now aimed directly at the camera instead of Little R and her mom.  I angled it so the light would bounce from the speedlight (my trusty SB-900 that I'm very quickly growing quite fond of) away from the camera and up at them.

While not the shot I had originally set up for, I am still quite happy with the moment that I was able to capture.

Technical Details:
Nikon D700
85mm f/1.4D
f/5 ~ 1/60 sec ~ ISO400
Tripod mounted SB-900
LumiQuest Softbox III
Cloudy WB
Silver Reflector
The camera and reflector were handheld

The setup:

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